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MedIctcare has been automating health care classifications since 1999. In addition to this company, we (Gabriel Roodbol & Wietse Dol) also have an ordinary job. Thanks to our own experiences in practice, research and education, we know better than anyone how to develop software that will speed up and improve your work. We are a no-nonsense company that tries to offer the software as cheaply as possible (as a daily user of our own software, we know better than anyone the need for good and affordable software). In addition to software, we are the company for providing courses on how to use our software and on how to use classifications in clinical reasoning. Our software makes it possible to research how you / your company uses a classification in practice. We can guide you perfectly with interpreting the results. In short, we stand for Care Innovation & Education.

Do you want more information or make an appointment (e.g. for a Zoom meeting): of call +31 24 2140066.

The product we are proud on is the Chiron Care Planner. View our information about this unique piece of software for the NANDA-I, NOC and NIC classifications.

Chiron Zorgplanner

Who are we

Together we have more than half a century of experience in
Nursing, Education, Data, Statistics, ICT and Research.

Wietse Dol

Dr. Wietse Dol

Gabriël Roodbol

Gabriël Roodbol

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